Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Crocheted With Love

I know how to knit by hand and by machine. I know how to spin but I have never crocheted until about 9 months ago. I had this beautiful blue wool and I wanted to make a house warming present for one of my best friends Macall who is an interior designer. I paired the blue yarn with orange which I think are very contemporary colors and Macall is a contemporary designer. I decided to knit a granny square blanket with the help of this YouTube video http://youtu.be/4x6ETtAwUrg. I find YouTube to be a great way to learn new techniques. I actually learned how to hand knit while I was at the Fashion Institute or Technology because in the Knitwear specialization they only taught machine knitting. 

In February I began this blanket and figured I would be done in a month or two.... boy was I wrong. It took me until September! So it became Macall's house warming, birthday and I threw in Christmas present too. 

I wound up putting a border around the blanket in the orange to tie it all together. I think one of the hardest parts was assembling the blanket. It took two days. 

On the left is a detail of the blanket and on the right is Madison enjoying her new blanket! 

Does anyone else mourn the ending of a project? I was so happy to finish the blanket and give it to it's new home but I was sad to see it go at the same time! Macall's blanket became my go to project. When ever I wanted to feel like I was accomplishing something but not concentrate I worked on it. I also took it everywhere with me.  

I am so happy with the outcome and most of all I am so happy that Macall loves it (Madison too). 
I told her before I gave it to her that I made her something and to lie if she didn't like it, so I'm not 100% sure that she loves it but I think she does! 

Next time I crochet something I think it will be smaller not a full on blanket! 

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