Monday, November 17, 2014

Spinning in the grease

For this master spinner level one exercise we were asked to prepare our fiber in four different ways and then spin them to compare the differences. The preps are spinning "in the grease", spinning from dip washed locks, spinning from washed wool and from scoured. Last night I finished my "in the grease" skein. I have never spun "in the grease" so I didn't know what to expect. For the exercise I used a North Country Cheviot fleece. The North Country Cheviot were originally from Northern Scotland. Although they are mostly breed for meat today their wool is quite nice. It averages about 27-33 microns and is 3 1/2 to 6" in length. I found the wool to be quite bouncy and have great crimp. I did find some kemp (wiry, stiff hair like wool) which I picked out with my hands. For spinning prep I took a small amount and hand teased it open. I then picked out as much straw and vegetable matter as I could. Starting from the butt of the fiber working to the tip I spun it worsted, using a short forward draw. This allowed me to control my fiber better and I didn't want to prep it using my combs or carders because it was really sticky. I found it a little more difficult to draft because all the lanolin was still on the fiber. I think if I would spin in the grease again it would have to be more of a clean fleece with a very uniform staple length. Below are the pictures of my process. I was very surprised on how clean the final yarn got. I scoured the yarn after I finished spinning to try and remove as much lanolin and dirt as possible. There is still some hay and vegetable matter stuck in the yarn but I believe that comes with the whole spinning in the grease process. 

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