Sunday, June 3, 2012

Trump the Angora Rabbit

Meet Trump

Trump belongs to my good friend Sue Polley and her daughter Karen. 
He is a rescue angora rabbit and is blind in one eye. He has amazing fiber! 

Sue his owner tells me Trump is a very mellow bunny. He lives under (in a separate cage) of Jack who is Erin's (her other daughter's) Mini Satin. They do not get along, but that is not on Trump's part. Every time they put them together Jack would "hump" Trump's face. Poor little guy! She think he would get along with others. He is not bothered by their dogs or the chickens when he is out and about.
Also he was used to breed. She was told when She adopted him that he as blinded during a breeding accident. The girl bunny apparently did not like what he was trying to do and scratched him in the eye and that is how he ended up blind.

I used my Fancy Kitty medium cloth drum carder to first make the batts. 
I blended about 50% merino with the angora. I didn't have a lot so I wanted to make it stretch as much as I could. I think next time I will bump down the amount of merino because I believe it over powered the angora. Next time I am planning on doing 25-30% merino. 

I love the way the two fibers look together. It reminds me of smoke or marble. 

I am really happy with this yarn. Its average 7wpi which makes it a bulky yarn. It is approx 134 yards. I don't know what I will make with it yet.
 Any suggestions?