Saturday, February 22, 2014

Bee & Ewe Healing Honey Lotion & Beeswax processing

I am so excited about this product! Introducing our new Bee & Ewe Healing Honey Lotion. What makes this product so special is that it's not only amazing for your skin but we also used beeswax and honey from our hives! The honey is the easy part but cleaning and processing the wax was a three day process. It was so worth it and it made our apartment smell great. 

Help heal dry and damaged skin with beeswax and honey that is harvested from our bees. Our Bee & Ewe Healing Honey Lotion has become our best seller! 
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Herb infused grapeseed oil to heal wounds faster, to restore skin cells, and has antifungal and antibacterial qualities. The aloe vera gel also helps reduce eczema, acne and wrinkles. It is also good for cuts and burns. Nutmeg oil is said to relieve muscle and joint pain because it has anti-inflammatory properties. Honey has antibacterial properties that speed the healing of infections and wounds, including acne. It also contains antioxidants and improves skin hydration.

Steps to cleaning and processing the wax:
Let soak in cold water over night. This helps clean it and break away some of the debris
Take a large pot (a pot you don't mind keeping for just this process) and fill with water so there is about 1" to 2" covering the bottom.
Add in wax
Cook on a medium to low heat for about 45mins to an hour. You will see the wax melt and boil.
This is where you have to be patient. Remove the pot off of the heat and let it cool over night. Do not touch it at all, just let it sit. This is when the wax will float to the top of the pot and the debris will settle at the bottom.
The next day, remove the wax from the pot and scrap the debris off of the bottom.
Repeat until the wax is as clean as you desire. It took us three times and it was very clean by the last time. I also try to stain out some debris if I find it is very dirty.

Honey Harvest 
This is the honey and honeycomb after its been removed 
from the frames and before it has been strained. 

We use a fine mesh bag to extract the honey. We tie the mesh bag up and 
let gravity do its work and then we squeeze out as much honey out as possible. 
Then the leftover comb and honey get boiled down so we can use the wax.

We lost a hive this season so I wanted to use everything 
so that we didn't waste a bit of the bees hard work! 

This is from frames that we were not harvesting for honey 
but I wanted to use the wax so we didn't waste it. 

This is it in the first boiling process. 

This is the last boiling process. You can see how much cleaner it is. 
These frames contained a lot more pollen so the color 
is slightly more yellow then usual. 

The finished wax! 

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