Thursday, May 29, 2014

Massachusetts Sheep and Woolcraft Fair

Last weekend Queen Bee Fibers vended at the Massachusetts Sheep and Woolcraft Fair. It was the fair's 40th anniversary! We had a little bit of rain on and off but that didn't keep the true fiber and wool lovers from showing up. We had a fantastic time and met a bunch of people. I thought I would share some pictures of the sheep (which I spent a lot of time with) and our booth. Enjoy!

This one made me laugh. They always look surprised.

This was Francis and his ladies. He was the size of a pony and such a love. I wanted to take him home but he would not fit in the Civic. :( 

Oh gosh I wanted to take her home too. She wagged her little nub of a tail when you pet her. 

The three amigos
Wool mustache 

We only ride really large tractors at Queen Bee Fibers! 

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