Saturday, July 11, 2015

Breed Book- Cotswold


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Their fleece ranges from  8 3/4 - 20 pounds with a 60% yield from washing.
 The fiber has an average staple length of 8-12”.
 The average micron count is 33-42.

Prep- Dip washed, rinsed twice. Teased then carded. Spun woolen using an assisted long draw.

Before processing, I separated the light and the dark fiber to process separately. Due to the length of the fiber I found it hard to card. I used a dowel to assist me in rolling the rolags. I made 4 light, 4 dark and then blended the light and dark to make 6 medium colored rolags. I arranged the rolags from light to dark for two repeats and then the opposite way for the second ply. Next time, I would spin them both the same, then ply them for a gradual color change effect. I think because the fibers were too similar in color the ply blended more then I had wanted. The lack of crimp and length made it very difficult to draft; at times I had to use an assisted long draw. 

Suggested end use: I like the finished look of this yarn but I don’t think it’s next to skin soft. I think it would make a great pillow or even slippers because the yarn would hold up nicely with wear and tear.

Prep- Dip washed, rinsed twice. Teased then combed. Spun worsted using a forward draw. 

Before processing, I separated the light and the darker fiber to process separately. While combing there was a lot of dirt and debris that fell out. That being said, the sliver came out nice, clean and drafted beautifully. My hands were about 6-8” apart during drafting. I spun a ply of the light and a ply of the dark, then plied them together to get the barber poll effect.

Suggested end use: The yarn has a crisp and sturdy hand. It is not next to skin soft but it would make an amazing woven textile or purse. Whatever piece that it was made into could take a lot of wear and tear and would hold up because of the strength and length of the fiber. 

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