Sunday, July 19, 2015

Breed Book- Gotland


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 Their fleece range from 5 1/2- 11 pounds with a average staple length of 3-7”
 The average micron count is 27-34 for adults in North America and as fine as 18 microns from a lamb.

Prep-Washed, rinsed twice. Teased then carded 3x into rolags. Spun woolen using a long draw.

The fiber was very clean, but after washing it seemed to be a little on the dry side. I hand teased the fiber before carding and attempted to pick out as many second cuts and vegetable matter as possible. Due to the fiber’s dryness and length I found it hard to control the rolags so I used a dowel to make them tighter. Even with the dowel the rolags would start to come undone. During spinning I felt the singles were coming out uneven and inconsistent. There were a lot of second cuts and noils that I tired to pull out. The singles also felt a little on the rougher side but I was pleasantly surprised by the finished yarn. I found it evened itself out after plying and it also had a really nice hand. 

Suggested end use: I think it would look really nice as a pillow or something where you would want to emphasize the texture of the fiber. I also think it would would be perfect for something felted, maybe in a bag or slippers.

Prep- Dip washed, rinsed twice. Teased then combed. Spun worsted using a short forward draw. 

The fiber was very clean, but after washing it seemed a little on the drier side. Next time I wash Gotland I will wash it at a lower temperature. I felt that there was more waste during combing than a lot of the other fibers I worked with. The sliver was very puffy and didn't seem to want to cling together. I spun the fiber butt to tip and it drafted really easily. I love this yarn and I feel spinning it worsted is the best preparation for the Gotland fiber. 

Suggested end use: The fiber has such a nice sheen and I think it would make a beautiful knit or woven shawl. I would make something that had a lot of drape to it to really emphasize the fiber. 

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